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Mary Cousins Ceramics


Welcome to my website.  I make tableware in stoneware and porcelain.  I enjoy experimenting with glazes, so take a look at the  galleries where you will see some of my favourites.  Inkspot and Tiger’s Eye are created by using a background glaze and then splashing a darker glaze over it – and over almost everything else in the studio.

  The Opal glaze which I use with porcelain has the lovely effect of becoming a richer shade of pale turquoise on the insides of vessels and milky blue elsewhere, it’s quite luminous, the photographs will never do it justice.  The Storm glaze works well on porcelain and stoneware and is a very lovely dark bluey –greeny- grey, all the colours of a stormy sky.  I always put some little spiral decorations on pots with this glaze as well as my trademark leaf-like swish as the colour deepens in  these embellishments and looks good.

  Sometimes I use coloured slips (liquid clay) to decorate pots with painted designs, I also use slips to pour on to the interiors of vessels – you will see the multi coloured pouring bowls in the gallery.  For commemorative dishes, slips are ideal.  There is a blue plate in the gallery with the lettering scratched into the slip and a decorative design in the centre.

  Another technique I sometimes use is inlay – a design is impressed into the clay, filled with coloured slip and then scraped  back to reveal the image.  It’s a scratchcard where you always win.  See this technique on the white porcelain ware with either birds or wavy lines in blue.  The ‘candy stick’ handles are my favourites.  

   The cushion pots are fiddly to make, but fun.  They begin life as a cylinder, they are then cut and folded to make the square based little pots which still have a round top.  The cushion pots are glazed in Aqua, a limited edition glaze which was the result of needing an empty bucket.  Pouring one glaze into another, there was no thought that it would be such a hit.  However hard I try, I can’t exactly re-create it.

  As you can probably tell, I enjoy making pots, experimenting and producing something which I hope you will always enjoy in your kitchen or on your table.